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PSX Indices Information from one of Asia’s best performing stock exchange

Key Information Product characteristics

PSX operates fully automated trading systems (KATS, KiTS and BATS) and offers trading in equities, fixed income, ETFs as well as index and stock derivatives

  • It is one of the best performing Stock Exchanges in Asia
  • Deutsche Börse acts as as exclusive licensor of PSX Data for international Customers and gives access to PSX Indices and PSX Spot and Derivatives Market under a single licence agreement, extending Deutsche Börse’s global Information licensing capabilities in South Asia
  • Core Information Products

PSX® Indices

Price Information of PSX’s index family is composed of the following indices

  • KSE 100 Index, KSE All Share Index, KSE 30 Index
  • NITPG Index, UPP9 Index and NBPGI Index
  • PSX-KMI All Shares Index, KMI 30 Index, MZNPI Index
  • BKTI (Tradable Banks Index)
  • OGTI (Tradable Oil & Gas Index)

PSX® Spot and Derivatives Market

Currently, there are more than 500 companies listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange which are distributed amongst more than 35 sectors or groups of industries. Fixed income Products include corporate and government debt instruments.

Price information of PSX’s Spot and Derivatives Market

  • Un-netted pre- and post-trade information
  • Level 1 (best bid / best offer)
  • Level 2 (market depth up to 10 levels)


Data distribution directly via PSX`s market data feed or indirectly via > Information Suppliers (vendors)

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