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TAIFEX Volatility Indices Index Information from Taiwan’s leading derivatives exchange

Key Information Product characteristics

  • Core Information Product
  • The Information Product TAIFEX Volatility Indices contains Information for the TAIEX Options Volatility Index
  • The TAIEX Options Volatility Index applies the CBOE VIX methodology to trading activity in the Taiwan options market and reflects current price volatility in the market
  • Deutsche Börse is the licensor of TAIFEX Volatility Indices to international Customers
  • The Information Product is disseminated via direct data feeds from TAIFEX and indirectly through > Information Suppliers (vendors)


Taiwan Futures Exchange (TAIFEX), the only derivatives exchange in Taiwan, was established in 1997. Today, more than 300 products are listed and traded. They cover a wide range of categories, including stock index futures and options, interest rate futures, single stock futures, equity options, gold futures and options, and currency futures.

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