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Eurex Core Market data from the leading global derivatives exchange

Key Information Product characteristics

  • Core Information Product
  • The Information Product Eurex contains netted pre-trade Information (i.e. bids and offers are provided at specified time intervals) and un-netted trade Information
  • Eurex Core provides the best bid and ask prices (up to order book depth 15) as well as the last traded price, together with the underlying order volumes

Data details

  • Fixed income derivatives: e.g. Euro Bund futures, Euro Bobl futures
  • Equity derivatives: equity options and single stock futures based on European and US underlyings
  • Equity index derivatives: futures and options on liquid global, European and national indices such as the EURO STOXX 50®, DAX®, SMI® or MSCI Japan
  • Exchange traded funds derivatives: futures and options on the most successful ETFs based on indices such as the DAX, SMI, EURO STOXX 50 and the STOXX 600
  • KOSPI 200 options
  • Dividend derivatives: equity dividend futures and equity index dividend futures (such as futures on index dividend on the Euro STOXX 50)
  • Commodity derivatives: futures and options on gold and silver
  • Volatility index derivatives: VSTOXX Mini futures and options
  • Property derivatives: futures on the IPD UK Annual Property Index
  • CEINEX cooperation products

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