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iBoxx Indices Key information for € and £ bond markets

Key product characteristics

  • Core information product
  • iBoxx indices are provided by Markit, a leading global index services provider
  • The iBoxx indices are based on bid and ask bond prices that are supplied to Markit throughout the day by leading international investment banks
  • Deutsche Börse is the exclusive distributor of real-time data for the information products iBoxx Indices and iBoxx Consolidated Prices
  • The iBoxx Indices information product contains data for the iBoxx € and £ indices for the € and £ bond markets, these include the “Benchmark Indices” and the “Liquid Indices”
  • The iBoxx € and £ “Benchmark Indices” offer real-time indices for fixed-income government bonds, sub-sovereigns, collateralized and corporate bonds, denominated in euros or sterling

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