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Unit-of-Count „Device“ for Non-Display Trading Based Activities

The Unit-of-Count "Device" with four new price levels "Entry", "Medium", "Plus" and "Unlimited" enables diversification according to the usage scope. 

A Device is any terminal, application, platform and/or other system or device capable of accessing, receiving, processing, displaying and/or otherwise using the Information. Each set of Log-In-Credentials (e. g. Access-ID) that entitles a Device access to the Information, is regarded as one Device. If a Device has the ability to access the Information multiple times simultaneously, each instance should be counted as a Device.

The number of Devices determines the classification in the respective price level:

  • Entry: 1-5 Devices
  • Medium: 6-10 Devices
  • Plus: 11-30 Devices
  • Unlimited: if > 30 Devices or the number of Devices cannot be controlled or specified or only the unlimited category is available.

For classification into the correct price level category, please make a selection in MD+S interactive that corresponds to your usage scope.

Non-Display Enterprise License

The Enterprise licence enables full Non-Display Data Usage across all Customer Categories (Brokerage, Trading as Principal, Trading Platform, , Index Calculation and Other Application Usage). The access is unlimited, i.e. regardless of the number of devices.

Market Data and Non-Display Data Usage Guidelines

Deutsche Börse AG Market Data Policy Guidelines and FAQ:
> Policy Guidelines and FAQ [PDF]
> Non-Display Guidance Notes for customers [PDF]


This page provides contractual documents relating to the Market Data Dissemination Agreement: >